Currently, ethanol or anhydrous ethanol are used as wetting agent for granulation to prepare gel sustained-release tablet. But  this method has some disadvantages: 1. Less security so the equipments must be explosion-proof; 2. the size of particle made by ethanol are too small to avoid powder leakage whenproduce tablet so hte yield is low; 3. particle stacking density is small so that some prescriptions can not reach the required weight even the maximum amounts are filled; 4. The compressibility of particle and tablet friability are poor,  and sometimes even can not meet the need of thin-film coating. To solve the above problems, we have developed granulation technology for the gel matrix tablet with water-wetting agent.
Advanced and innovative points:

1. The agent security has greatly improved with water wetting agent so explosion proof is not required;

2. particle size distribution is better without too much tiny particles;

3. It is more conducive to compress tablet with higher particles stacking density;

4. particle compressibility has greatly improved in comparison with ethanol granulation, The compressibility of particles increased by 50% than the ones made by ehtanol so that the product are esay for thin-film coating.


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