In recent years, as a new research direction, dual layer sustained release tablet attracts attentions in the sustained-release field, and FDA has approved several dual layer compound sustained-release tablets. The dual layer concept has benn widely accepted, and it can be designed to reach varies drug release speed with different composition of layers according to the clinical requires. In industrial production process, it is a main problem that dual layer sustained release tablet would layer seperate commonly when it places. Learnt through the mechanism of layer separation, a new the chnology with wax matrix layer material is developed to prepraed dual layer sustained release tablet, and the existing equipment was adapted to meet the needs of industrialization.
Advanced and innovative points: The use of wax matrix to prepare dual layer sustained release tablet can avoid the following problems in industrial process:
(1) It can not be successfully combined between immediate release ad sustained release layers;
(2) The dual layer of tablet seperates during the placement;
(3) The dual layer of tablet seperates during the film-coating;
(4) It happens that some materials transfer between immediate release and sustained release layers;
(5) The interaction take place between different layers when the study of stability process .


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