It is a relatively mature technology to prepare enteric-coated microspheres, for instance, Omeprazole Capsule, Iansoprazole Capsule and Erythromycin Capsules. There are many domestic enterprises produce the enteric-coated capsules but the product quality are low. Generally speaking, the chosen enterosoluble material is not suitable lead poor drug effectiveness; and the industrial production capacity is low so that the stability of the product can not macth the description on the specifications.
Advanced and innovative points:

1. the prescription and preparation process of enteric- coated microspheres are optimized;

2. the enterosoluble material with dissolution threshold value of pH 5.5 is used to prepare enteric enteric-coated microspheres;

3. the fluidized process for coating is developed to ensure product’s intrinsic quality;

4. in particular, the stability, aciduric strength and human bioavailability of the product have been improved.

Now, Omeprazole Sodium, Lansoprazole and Pantoprazole Sodium, and so on, enteric-coated microspheres have completed.


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